Efficient Affiliate Marketing Platform

Take your tracking platform for granted.

With Nucleum, you will forget about coding, managing billions of clicks and guaranteeing 99.9% up-time with dedicated servers per user. Using our platform, you can focus on managing advertisers, affiliates and optimizing your campaigns. 

Minimize Infrastructure Cost

With Nucleum, your cost per million events can be below 10$.

Predict Your Expenses

Already know your volumes well enough? Save by reserving upfront.

Get Prompt Support

Our support team is available to help you 24/7.

Top features

Real Time Analytics

View detailed insights on your traffic in a matter of seconds. 

Robust Infrastructure

By relying our services in prestigious cloud service providers, we obtain the highest availability rate in the market.

Powerful API

Integrate Nucleum with your team's everyday tasks using our powerful API.

Precise Targeting

With Nucleum, your offers only receive the traffic they are supposed to. Target by Country, Carrier, Operating System and dozens of other parameters.

No Limitations

With Nucleum, you are free to grow your business at any scale by adding unlimited managers, offers, affiliates, advertisers and more.

Finances & Payments

Keep track on all your payments. Our feature-rich financing tools allow you to keep 100% control of your money.


Receiving untargeted traffic? Make the most money from it by integrating fallbacks from your 3rd party partners.

Smart Links

Quickly create a smart link which takes advantage from your selected offers driving traffic to them by a single link.

(coming soon)

Mail Functions

Keep in touch with all your team, affiliates and advertisers. Send them news, updates and warnings from a single place.

(coming soon)


With Nucleum you are allowed to scale up your operations without concerning about prohibitive costs. With our platinum plan, your costs per million events can go below 10 USD.

The most cost-effective solution for starting your business.
500 Thousand Clicks / Month
5000 Conversions / Month
24/7 E-mail support
API Access
Default Tracking Domain
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Perfect pack for mediabuyers and small networks.
2 Million Clicks / Month
15 000 Conversions / Month
24/7 E-mail support
API Access
Default Tracking Domain
Dedicated Account Manager
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Best deal for big traffic volumes. Get a special quote for extra clicks.
40 Million Clicks / Month
Unlimited Conversions / Month
24/7 E-mail support
API Access
5 Tracking Domains
Skype Support
Dedicated Account Manager
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Need a Customized Plan?

Our specialized sales team will create a fully tailored plan adapted to your requirements and budget.

Get started in less than 24 hours

Our representatives will be happy to help you with all the on-boarding process.

If you are currently using another tracking solution, you can count on our tech team to help you with, or fully take care of all the migration operations, without you having to worry about a single minute of tracking downtime.